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The easiest way to help is to sign this online petition. The National Park Service has and does read this web-page, let them know why you feel 2124 should be returned to service!

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First... Restore 3713.

Boston & Maine 3713 is a 4-6-2, was ordered from the Lima locomotive works in 1937. She was designed to pull fast passenger trains at 70mph. Around the same time, the railroad sponsored a contest among school children in New England to name these engines. The winning name for #3713 was The Constitution.

Steamtown NHS is already dedicated to restoring this locomotive, our goal is for 2124 to be next. If we are ever to succeed, 3713 must be restored. To help, make a tax-deductible contribution to:

Locomotive Restoration Project
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley R.H.S.
P.O. Box 3452
Scranton, PA 18505-0452

Make checks payable to "Locomotive Restoration Fund"
(Restore 2124 is not affiliated with L&WVRHS)

Second... convince Steamtown NHS.

The on-line petition is great, but nothing drives the fact home like real mail. I urge you to write to Steamtown NHS and tell them that you think 2124 is the best candidate in their collection for restoration. Cite the reasons given by this page, or your own, but remember: The best way to get positive results is to be cordial and supportive of Steamtown. Pointing out "the mistakes" they've made (i.e. 3713 over 2124, etc.) is a quick and easy way to have your viewpoint discarded, along with your letter. Be professional about it, and you will be noticed. Write to Steamtown NHS at:

Steamtown National Historic Site 
150 South Washington Avenue 
Scranton, PA 18503 

Point out this web-site, and tell them to Restore 2124!

Third... Volunteer!

Steamtown's resources are limited. Much of the work is done by The Steamtown Volunteer Association. By joining this organization, you can provide the man-power needed to continue to preserve America's steam railroad history. For more information, contact:

Steamtown Volunteer Association
Steamtown National Historic Site 
150 South Washington Avenue 
Scranton, PA 18503 

717-346-0660 or (toll free) 1-888-856-2345

(Restore 2124 is not affiliated with Steamtown NHS SVA)

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